Events Round The Year


Rathayatra was celebrated on 1st July, 2022 & 9th July, 2022  respectively. After a two year restriction due to the COVID-19, this year, the festival was observed in full bloom with huge crowd gathering to touch the holy rope of the Traditional Brass Chariot of Lord Gopinath.




Jhulan Utsav of Lord Gopinath was celebrated between 6th August – 11th August, 2022.   Jhulan mela including various cultural functions were held after two years.

Janma Ashtami

Janma Ashtami of Lord Gopinath will be celebrated on 19th August, 2020.

Durga Puja

We are looking forward to celebrating the Handa (Lall Singha) family's 182nd Durgapuja starting from 1st October to 5th October, 2022.

Gosto Utsav

This is a unique festival celebrated just eight days after Kalipuja. This year it will be celebrated on 1st Nov 2022. This was initiated by Pulin Behary Lall Singha Handa where Lord Gopinath invites all other deities in Ukhra village to join for a picnic at Chandni Bari. It is a spectacular experience to witness the procession which ultimately ends with a grand Arati at the Gopinath Thakur Bari.

Rash Utsav

Rash Utsav is celebrated on the Rashpurnima day generally in the month of November where Gopinath along with all his gopinis come out to the Rash mancha just outside the main mandir. A grand Arati is the main attraction. This will be celebrated on 9th November, 2022 this year for 3 days.

Sawaswati Puja

Saraswati Puja is celebrated at the Gopinath Mandir on Sree Panchami and it happens around January – February after on the Bengali calendar.This will be celebrated on 26th January, 2023 this year.

Dol Utsav

Dol is celebrated on the Dol Purnima day, generally in the month of March based on the Bengali calendar where Lord Gopinath comes out to the Dol mancha just outside the main mandir. Abir offering with a grand Arati is the main attraction. This will be celebrated on 8th March, 2023 this year.